If you are late, you will lose

Until recently, new business organizations were able to thrive by focusing on customer service. But expectations are changing quickly. The speed of customer service is becoming a key factor determining the development of the business.

While quality is the first element, customer service quickly has a definite position. This statement has been supported through a customer interaction intelligence survey. This survey also provides valuable contributions to customer interaction. A timely answer is rated even higher than the efficiency, professional manner …

The speed of customer service is a key factor

Another survey of leaders’ customer service shows that while service quality is very important, the speed of service is still a decisive factor in all aspects of customer service. Line.

New customer service channels, faster communication

Life is so much easier for businesses when email and phone become the main communication channel of customer service. But somewhere, communication platforms and messaging apps hinder the way customers communicate with businesses.

Today, customers find businesses via facebook, web, zalo, etc. B2B buyer survey report 2015 revealed that more than 50% of shoppers use social media to connect with potential suppliers. Power. This shows that communication has become an effective solution for enterprise customer service. But just following the communication pattern is not enough, customers want you to respond quickly when they interact through customer service.

Check out the results from a survey of 1,000 consumers with the question ‘how long are they willing to wait when they’ve found businesses through media channels? ”:

  • 64% of Twitter users expect an answer within an hour
  • 85% of Facebook users expect an answer within 6 hours
  • 77% of people will not have to wait longer than 6 hours for an email reply

In spite of the above statistics, businesses still neglect the rapid communication. In fact, 90% of them admit they use social media to respond to customer queries, but 58% of customers who respond poorly to their business will not receive it. Replies from the business. And if businesses respond to complaints or suggestions, the average response time is about 9 hours, which is really a mistake, because if you answer quickly you will conquer customers, Also ease their dissatisfaction.

Customers will be satisfied if you quickly respond to their inquiries

Providing high quality customer service is essential to improving customer experience. However, bad reviews may also appear just because you didn’t respond quickly enough. Here are some ways to speed up customer service:

Create opportunities for customers to serve themselves: Customers want their problems to be solved in a timely manner and they feel they are acting on their own rather than contacting a company representative. Providing things like: Q & A, forums and instructional videos are a great way to provide quick answers to customer questions. Studies have revealed that digital self-service contributes to a reduction in the amount of emails and calls. This self-service option can be used for websites, social media sites and messaging apps.

Proactively attract and convert potential customers: CRM companies and customer service companies have to answer dozens of customer questions in a day. It only takes less than 1 hour for customers to see the reply. Only by automatically dividing the specified paths to the appropriate answers, the time to answer customer queries will be significantly shortened.

Using chat software: no customer service channel can compare with the communication speed that messaging applications bring. With chat software, you can respond to queries immediately, or you can send customers a notification that you have received their request or question and you will assist them in Soonest (should give specific time for customers to rest assured).

Use the chat application with customers

Customers are always an important factor determining the success of businesses, so customer service needs to be more concerned. Responding quickly to customer requirements is the mission of the business.

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