Professional manipulation:
Collect and check valid documents / invoices as prescribed.
Instructions on how to use the invoice, invoice management, Token use, digital signature security …
Notify the situation of enterprises when arising need to handle for accounting data.

Quarterly tax reports: Declare and file tax returns according to regulations such as making and submitting reports on the use of quarterly invoices, declaring and submitting quarterly VAT declarations and PIT reports (if any).

Management of accounting books: Establish accounting records according to regulations such as Making a receipt – payment, import – export in accordance with regulations; Print ledger, detailed book and close accounting books and vouchers quarterly; Prepare management reports at the request of the BGĐ; Exporting reports, accounting books according to internal requirements; Prepare quarterly financial statements; Drafting documents and vouchers for internal enterprises.

Annual finalization report submitted to the tax office: Make free year-end declaration forms and reports for customers using accounting services during the year: Annual CIT Self-finalization tax return; Accounting balance sheet; Report of business results; Statements of cash flows; Notes to the financial statements; Balance sheet account; Annual PIT finalization.

Explain relevant data on behalf of the Enterprise (if any).

Practical benefits when using general accounting services

– Saving personnel costs

– Save on material costs

– Save time

Peace of mind about tax declaration procedures and accounting work with 3 steps


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