Must know how to manage a business website for business results to bring high success. As introduced in the article 5 essential elements in creating a quick web last time, this period, we will guide you how to write the introduction page to attract visitors.

Business website must have attractive introductory page

Selling through a business website is especially important to business people today because there are many benefits. However, you must focus on factors that visitors will be top of your web. That is: the introduction page.

When creating an online business website, the role of the introductory page is like a radio antenna that attracts the attention of visitors. So, this period you make ‘lost wave’ means losing customers unfortunately.

An impressive introductory page has a unique identity to help visitors trust and remember for a long time to your store or business. If at that time they did not want to buy or use the service, they will definitely come back to trade with you next time.

Write an introduction page about business website for attraction.

Tell a story

On your business website, tell a story of the expensive details behind the store, how your business is established and how it operates. Using facts and figures to support your statements is the best way to build trust. You can not be general, cliché: our products and services are wonderful and unique. Building an addiction web site as well as an introduction page, you have to give specific facts and figures to prove.

Hãy kể câu chuyện thật hấp dẫn có thật về doanh nghiệp bạn.
Tell a really compelling story about your business.

Be sincere

Do not say information that your business or store does not have. For example, the size of your business, your online store is small and you speak loudly. It does not work to make customers prefer to use your product or service. If on a small scale, you should be clever to explain that although small, you focus on the quality of products and services.

Demonstrate expertise

Good showing off bad is also a rule of business survival. Therefore, when creating a business website, do not forget to present qualifications, awards, and articles related to your business or store in a positive way. These help your visitors feel like an expert in your field.

The introduction of the above factors must also be clever, do not use words that feel like you are showing off, but they have the opposite effect making customers not have good feelings for your business or store.

Use real images

Use the images described in the introductory page as real photos of your store, business, employees, to create a more ‘genuine’ feel. Images can be photos taken from reality or designs with bold brand identity. Taking photos on the internet for illustrations seems to save time and effort, but the introductory page in your business website will not be appreciated. Occasionally, image copyright disputes may occur. Now creating your fast web can take more time because of the dispute, changing this image.

Hãy sử dụng ảnh sản phẩm có thật đăng lên website kinh doanh.
Use real product photos posted on your business website.

Finally, show humor

Show humor in some places on the introductory page of your business website, possibly through pictures, introductory sentences, clips. Humor is greatly appreciated because it creates a sense of fun and comfort for visitors, helping them remember your online sales website more, even introducing others to view.

So, use the above measures to create introduction pages to create a business website means creating a professional sales website. And now you go here to create immediately the most effective business web.

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