A successful business website means to make a profit, a profit only when you successfully convert from visitors to potential customers.
So, where is the power to create a successful business website? Requiring a lot of factors, the first of which is to build trust for customers.

Listed below are the steps you can take to gain customers’ trust in your business website:

1. Secure your web with SSL

Once your business web is SSL-secured, it is marked as secure. Customers will feel more secure when accessing or providing their information. One study found that 84% of online shoppers will give up shopping if data is sent over an insecure network, 50% of European online shoppers surveyed said they were afraid of being Credit card theft and at least 28.9% understand that the green address bar is a security indicator that makes them feel safe to access.

2. Display the company’s contact details

According to a study by Econsultancy, 46% of 2,000 UK consumers say they will shop on a website with clear contact information. This shows with certainty that in order to win buyers’ confidence and alleviate their fear of being deceived, you should show a physical address and a legal phone number that they can contact. Us on your business web.

3. Reasonable shipping cost, specific delivery time, simple payment system

Your business should set a reasonable shipping cost, specific, clear delivery times, a simple payment system, and policies so customers can return to the business.

60% of customers are more likely to complete a purchase if online retailers offer them a guaranteed delivery date. Other studies also show that 70.8% of consumers abandon a shopping cart due to hidden costs, 74.5% due to high shipping costs, and 58.4% due to security concerns during the payment process. Math.

In a nutshell, with the requirement for upfront costs, you need to be transparent to your customers for anything about the additional fees they will incur. More importantly, do not lose customers just because the payment terms are too complicated, confusing and unreasonable.

4. Free shipping

Customers almost always like the free. One common way for online shoppers to quickly complete their orders is with free shipping. Businesses can increase their sales very high with only free shipping.

5. Instant customer support

One of the best ways to gain customers’ trust and loyalty is to provide reliable customer service. You need to listen to your customers and identify their difficulties and obstacles in order to best support them and gain their trust.

6. Invest in social media

Use social media and allow customers to rate your business to increase customer trust.

E-commerce statistics showed that 38% of consumers said social media interaction was one of the reasons they visited the retailer’s website.

Another study said that 55% of shoppers decided to buy because of online reviews, the evidence that your business can be found and visited by many people will increase trust. Of cutomer.

7. Make sure your site is user friendly

Page load speed will influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

  • 65% of consumers will not have to wait longer than three seconds to load a website
  • 76% of consumers agree that ease of use are the most important characteristics of a website
  • 93% of consumers decide whether or not to buy based on the website’s avatar
  • 52% of consumers give up and never return to a website if they don’t like their designs
  • While aesthetics is undoubtedly a factor to consider in website design, it is not all, what you should be concerned about is how to make your business web pages load quickly and easily. Directional.

In business, there is always competition, and in order to win against competitors you need to gain customer trust and create trust in customers. And because consumers’ needs are constantly changing and evolving, remember to keep tracking, analyzing, adjusting, and constantly delighting your consumers! Good luck!

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