Writing content for enterprise web is not like other forms of writing. Today, visitors often just browse the content on the web to find the information they need, if they do not find the information they will immediately leave the site, so to create a connection with people. Read and make them stay longer on the web of your business, please refer to the following tips:

1. Content must be valid

When Internet users type a topic into the search box on Google or Yahoo, they always expect search engines to be able to show results related to the information they are looking for. If you click on your site and find only irrelevant or outdated information, then they will immediately exit to find information on other sites. Therefore, web content must be quality, new, relevant to the visitor’s needs to be valid.

2. The content is short and concise

Do not write as if you are talking to a reader, or writing too wordy, too long. Visitors usually just skim and so they just want to find information quickly.

3. Sticking to the topic

People who come to your site will surely be disappointed if they are forced to filter through a lot of information to find the information they need. If you have a topic that is too broad, break them down into sections and introduce the topic for each paragraph, so that readers will easily find the information they want. You should add links related to the topic in the article, so that you will not need to write out all the information on a page, readers will click on the link if they need it. Thus your website will be more user friendly.

4. Check for grammar and spelling errors

What do you think of a website full of spelling and grammar errors? Very bad, right! So, after finishing the content, you should go out and relax for a while, then come back and focus on observing whether the article is complete in appearance, make sure you are not Ignore any grammar or spelling errors.

5. Use the Reverse Pyramid method

Many professional web content creators and even bloggers think this is really a recommended method. You should write your general statement at the top of the page, while the important content is distributed at the top and the middle of the page.

6. Write assertively

No one knows your business’s products and services better than you do, so don’t be afraid to write assertively so readers will feel more confident in your business.

7. Please write for the reader

You probably already know the importance of making your website content search engine friendly by using keywords, links, and SEO techniques.

However, besides that, creating content that makes readers attractive and easy to understand is equally important. The ultimate goal is to convert visitors into customers.

Therefore, you need to use the tone as if you are talking to customers, avoid using words that are specialized or confusing or too commercial.

8. Take advantage of images

Use images related to the article, illustrate the article to attract the reader’s eyes as well as make the article more lively.

9. Format the paragraph

As a final step, reformat the text to serve the reader:

If possible, write a sorted list rather than a paragraph. The list should contain no more than 10 small items.

  • Write short, between important paragraphs, so there needs to be spaces.
  • Focus on the topic for each paragraph.
  • There should be subheadings in the article so that visitors can easily scan information, large headings as well as subheadings containing keywords will also help your writing to be friendly to search engines.
  • Should include links that contain content relevant to the topic, do not try to cram information into a page.
  • Use the word ‘friend’ instead of ‘I’ to connect with the reader, showing them how important they are.
  • Each sentence should be limited to long writing.
  • Keywords should appear in the post, in the links you include, the title, the first paragraph of the article.

Creating content for business web can be a simple task, but if you follow these tips I am sure you will create valuable articles and attract readers. Apply these methods as soon as you have created your own business web at congay.website & fastweb.today

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