Branding is one of the hallmarks of your business website.

If your business website is well designed, how many applications but customers easily confuse your website with other websites, you have failed. You have to make sure your customers recognize your brand, which is the first step of success for you. Today, will introduce 4 most effective ways to help customers identify brands through business website:

Marketing Advertising Commercial Strategy Concept

1. Logo

Logo is the easiest way to identify a brand. Everyone knows the apple bitten part is Apple, the three overlapping ellipses are TOYOTA’s at first glance. When creating a business web, you must pay attention to a rule: the color of the logo will govern the rest of the sales website interface such as fonts and colors.

2. Main color 

Color is one of the important components in the design, the color system has a significant influence on the senses of the viewer (especially the customer). In the process of creating a business website, you should choose one, two or a maximum of three main colors, do not put too many colors in your business website, it will lose the viewer’s feeling.

In addition, the main color system must be in harmony with the color of the logo. This will make your website more beautiful and attract more customers’ attention.

3. Font 

Choosing the font for a business website seems a bit difficult for many people. But you don’t need to worry too much, there are a few ways to help you choose a more sensible font.

  • First, the font you choose must be easy to read. Customers will appreciate your business website for this.
  • Choose a font that accurately describes the feeling that the field of your website is in. For example, a playful, cute font is more appropriate for a toy business website than a law business business website.
  • Choose common fonts to make it easier for people to get used to. This also helps to unify when you trade many items, multi-domains on your business website.

However, when choosing fonts you should also note that use a font for your entire website to be more effective offline!

4. Let your personality shine through on your business website!

Add comment boxes, videos, social networking links, photos, funny clips, other links, applications, etc. Let every customer step into your business website, as if you are lost in a shopping mall, Fun synthetic fun that they don’t want to come out.

Now, do you know how to create a very good ‘web’ for yourself? Create a business website on system to start a successful business!

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