This article will talk about optimizing your entire business website. But first, you must choose SEO keywords, then do not rush to write the content, you need to answer the following questions yourself:

What is your website about?
What is the purpose of the website?
What are your commitments to your business website?

Once you have identified the three things above, you can begin to optimize SEO.
Here are tips for you to optimize the search engine for your web:

1. Direct your business website to a major topic

Your business website can also talk about many different issues but it is better to choose a main topic and focus more on it, which is essential to express your personal views. This step is very important, so you need to plan for keyword search before choosing a main topic.

2. Put keywords in important places

Perhaps this issue has been repeated many times, precisely because it is important to be mentioned in every article about such SEO. Keywords should appear in the page title, domain name, description tags, title page, page content …

3. Internal links in your website

Many content management systems automatically do this, but if your site does not have one, you will have to actively link these pages directly to other pages, these articles and other posts in the business website. Mine.

4. Use permalink structure containing keywords

Optimize URLs for user friendliness using a URL structure containing text and make sure you already include keywords in your URLs.

5. Throw away things that can slow down your business website

Page load time is very important, remove unnecessary things that can make your site slower. They can be music playback mode, high quality and heavy images, too many unnecessary plugins …

6. Use keywords for images

Words that reflect the topic of your business website should be in image tags, description tags, alt tags

Should rename the file if it does not show the main keyword.

7. Links to websites with related content

You should have lists of blogs, web resources, links. Of course there should be options when adding them to your site, for each external link you should choose only one site. If you do this well, your visitors click on your link, which means telling the search engine that you are a trustworthy writer with your own topics.

8. Update business website regularly

Sites with lots of activity and updates will rank higher than sites with fewer updates. That’s why blog sites and directory sites like Wikipedia always rank high with search engines, precisely because they are always updated with new content.

Regularly update the business website
9. Make sure your business website appears in search engines

Many search engines automatically find and crawl your business website, but most will not be counted. You have to make sure that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing are collecting and hosting content about your website, so that Internet users can find your website.

10. There are links from other websites

This is really a very important thing when it comes to SEO. In addition to creating great content, you should take the time to persuade other websites to link to you.

Always keep in mind that internal links are essential to SEO.

11. Stop changing domain names

URL length is a ranking factor in your business website search ranking, so stay calm. If you keep launching a new blog or new website every six months, you will never realize the value they bring.

12. Write with heart

Write with care, don’t just write like a machine, use a good writing tool, follow the instructions above, and be patient, you will achieve worthy results.

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